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Synagogue Trieste
Synagogue Trieste

Umberto Saba, Trieste, a surly grace

 Throughout its history, the fate of Trieste has been interwoven with the fates of empires. Settlement in the area dates back to the second millennium BCE, and throughout the years it has remained a strategic and economic force from the time of the Romans to the modern day. It has passed from the Romans to Charlemagne, from the Venetians to the Hapsburgs, and from the Austrians to become a piece of modern Italy. Just as the city has developed its own unique culture, so too has the Jewish community here become intertwined with the cultural, economic, and religious fabric of this fascinating and vibrant city.



Jewish presence in the city can be traced to the year 1236 CE, and has been continuous ever since. At some points living in ghettos, and at others living in high society, the Jewish fabric of Trieste is complicated and worth exploring. Learn about the waves of Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews to the city, about the pioneers of industry and scholarship from the Jewish community, life under Nazi occupation, and how the city became an essential waypoint for the migration of Jews fleeing Europe for Israel.



There are synagogues, cafes, and museums to explore, let our guides unlock the secrets of this ancient city and see for yourself the thriving community on the shores of the Adriatic Sea!


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Trieste City Hall
Trieste City Hall
Gran Canal de Trieste
Gran Canal de Trieste