Jewish Europe

Jewish Europe · 15. August 2019
Bar Mitzwah in Vilnius. Mazal tov to Jake and his family! Arranged by Milk&Honey Tours

Jewish Europe · 24. July 2019
Two open spots for our Portugal Small Groups Tour 2019 (October 24-30)!

Jewish Europe · 19. June 2019
The majority of Stumbling Stones honor victims of the Holocaust but many have been placed for Sinti and Romani people, gay, the physically or mentally disabled, members of the anti-Nazi opposition and many more. The name of the Stumbling Stones refers to an anti-Semitic saying, namely in Nazi Germany, when accidentally stumbling over a protruding stone one might have said: "A Jew must be buried here", but in a figurative sense, it might mean a "potential problem". On the other hand, the...