Jewish Germany

Jewish Germany · 21. August 2019
Hans Schiff (ship) was born in Cologne in 1907. He became the photographer of famous artists and intellectuals. Picture: john d. schiff: pablo picasso 1973 c/o leo baeck institut new york by Yu Jessler

Milk&Honey Tours Logo in 2011
Jewish Germany · 04. February 2019
We have been asked frequently why our logo contains an elephant. Are we including Safaris in our portfolio now??? No, we don´t, but we do refer to an unusual cultural traveler. In 2011 we decided to look back to the year 801. „Ipsius anni mense Iulio, XIII. Kal. Aug., venit Isaac cum elephanto et ceteris muneribus, quae a rege Persarum missa sunt, …; nomen elephanti erat Abul Abaz.“ – (ANNALES REGNI FRANCORUM, 801) In 801 the elephant Abul-Abbas was sent by caliph Harun al-Rashid to...