Rhine River Excursions

Milk&Honey Tours is happy to offer cruise excursions along the Rhine river in 2020.
You are planning a river cruise on the famous Rhine river in 2020? We offer what your cruise ship company is never able to offer! We offer the European Jewish insight on the famous communities along the river: Cologne, Frankfurt and Basel!
Don't be satisfied with second hand experiences! Sign in, be part of the real program and discover the "Bridges of Understanding" we are building between our world and yours.

Frankfurt the city with the largest proportion of Jewish citizens in Germany once, birthplace of the Rotschild dynasty and many other great Jewish personalities boasts a 10.000 strong Jewish community today. Two outstanding Jewish museums, a Synagogue, community Center and several impressive monuments tell the story of Germany’s major metropolis and its Jewish population within.
Cologne – “Colonia” Jews have been mentioned in historical documents since 321, and later it has grown to be the home of the World Zionist Organization and the Salomon Oppenheim Bank. With a medieval Jewish quarter next to the Gothic City Hall, a brand new Jewish museum in preparation and stained-glass portraits from Abraham to Sheba in the city’s vast Gothic cathedral, a striking Synagogue and kosher eateries it offers the visitor a surprising travel back in time while experiencing how the Jewish community has been revived during the last decades.

Basel – home of the First Zionist Congress – and nine more, Synagogue, Jewish Museum and community center in a global center of the pharmaceutical industry and the art world, including several pieces of what Nazi Germany considered “degenerate art”. Basel breaths the uninterrupted presence of a Jewish community and offers the charming “best of” Germany, France and Switzerland.

3 hour walking tour, price per person is 70 Euro. 
Days and dates:


Destination  Day Date Time
Cologne Sun 5th April 14:00
Frankfurt Tue 7th April 09:00
Basel Sat 11th April 09:00
Frankfurt Tue 14th April 09:00
Cologne Thu 16th April 09:00
Cologne Fri 24th April 14:00
Frankfurt Sun 26th April 09:00
Basel Wed 29th April 13:00
Basel Fri 1st May 09:00
Frankfurt Mon 4th May 09:00
Cologne Wed 6th may 09:00
Cologne Thu 14th May 14:00
Frankfurt Sat 16th May 09:00
Basel Tue 19th May 13:00
Basel Thu 21st May 09:00
Frankfurt Sun 24th May 09:00
Cologne Tue 26th May 09:00
Cologne Wed 3rd June 14:00
Frankfurt Fri 5th June 09:00
Basel Mon 8th June 13:00
Basel Sat 5th Sep 09:00
Frankfurt Tue 8th Sep 09:00
Cologne Thu 10th Sep 09:00
Basel Fri 25th Sep 09:00
Frankfurt Mon 28th Sep 09:00
Cologne Wed  30th Sep 09:00
Cologne Thu  8th Oct 14:00
Frankfurt Sat 10th Oct 09:00
Basel Tue 13th Oct 13:00
Basel Thu 15th Oct 09:00
Frankfurt Sun 18th Oct 09:00
Cologne Tue 20th Oct 09:00
Cologne Wed 28th Oct 14:00
Frankfurt Fri 30th Oct 09:00
Basel Mon 2nd Nov 13:00

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