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What makes home, home? It is said that through migration, language became the sole home of the displaced. But can the inverse be true? Can a place become a home through language?


Heymishkeit – A series of objects that explore the search for, and finding of, the places that we can call home.

Heymishkeit Cup – masl un broche


A Beautiful "masl un broche" - (luck and blessing) Porcelain Cup


Masl un broche“, the inaugural piece in the Heymishkeit series, is it at home in Berlin. It is a phrase Berliners use with one another – even if they do not recognize Yiddish as the source of this beautiful expression. 


Item Facts:
Volume: 0.28 liters
Height: 102 mm
Diameter: 86 mm
Weight: 330 g
Text: “masl un broche” which means Luck and Blessing
Made in Germany

Actual colors may vary. 

16,90 €

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Matrijewshkas of Berlin - Souvenirs to Bring the World into Your Home


Matrijewshka - Matrioshkas with a Jewish Twist

Designed in Berlin, hand painted in Russia, numbered 1 - 100



Bring Jewish heritage from across the world into your home with these famous historical European Jewish figures. A Matrijewshka is a special gift for both children and adults; these hand painted wooden dolls are sure to inspire you and remind you of the rich mosaic of Jewish history.



The Berlin Series – Einstein, Luxemburg, Levin, Mendelssohn



Albert Einstein - The most famous Jewish physicist

Rosa Luxemburg - A Jewish feminist, philosopher, economist, and revolutionary politician

Rahel Levin - Host in the most famous Jewish salon in Berlin

Moses Mendelssohn - A famous German-Jewish philosopher in the Jewish Renaissance



Actual colors may vary. 

59,50 €

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