What makes home, home? It is said that through migration, language became the sole home of the displaced. But can the inverse be true? Can a place become a home through language?


Heymishkeit – A series of objects that explore the search for, and finding of, the places that we can call home. Heymishkeit is not only our shop name but also the name of Milk&Honey Tours own brand.

Heymishkeit Cup – masl un broche


A Beautiful "masl un broche" - (luck and blessing) Porcelain Cup


Masl un broche“, the inaugural piece in the Heymishkeit series, is it at home in Berlin. It is a phrase Berliners use with one another – even if they do not recognize Yiddish as the source of this beautiful expression. 


Item Facts:
Volume: 0.28 liters
Height: 102 mm
Diameter: 86 mm
Weight: 330 g
Text: “masl un broche” which means luck and blessing
Made in Germany

Actual colors may vary. 

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Matrijewshkas of Berlin - Souvenirs to Bring the World into Your Home


Matrijewshka - Matrioshkas with a Jewish Twist

Designed in Berlin, hand painted in Russia, numbered 1 - 100



Bring Jewish heritage from across the world into your home with these famous historical European Jewish figures. A Matrijewshka is a special gift for both children and adults; these hand painted wooden dolls are sure to inspire you and remind you of the rich mosaic of Jewish history.



The Berlin Series – Einstein, Luxemburg, Levin, Mendelssohn



Albert Einstein - The most famous Jewish physicist

Rosa Luxemburg - A Jewish feminist, philosopher, economist, and revolutionary politician

Rahel Levin - Host in the most famous Jewish salon in Berlin

Moses Mendelssohn - A famous German-Jewish philosopher in the Jewish Renaissance



Actual colors may vary. 

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