Tel Aviv Excursions


Tel Aviv, Israel – Modern Heart of Israel


Often seen as the vibrant counterpoint to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv styles itself as the city that“never sleeps.” It stands for the immersive, all-embracing, modern and post modern heart of Israel.

Strolling on Rothschild Boulevard. today, it is to imagine the modest beginnings where the first water well was dug just a over 100 years ago, a time when barely 66 Jewish families gathered on a desolate sand dune and marked the land with white and grey sea shells. Nowadays next to fancy restaurants, sweaty workers, bohemian artists, artisans’ studios and looming high rises, this city is a mix of history, religion and culture. Tel Aviv is also known as the ‘white city’, a UNESCO world heritage site since 2003, with the largest concentration of Bauhaus buildings (no less than 4000!) in the world.

Take your time to explore Jaffa’s harbour, one of the oldest port cities in the world, still a modest and functional small fishing port to this day. Consider the Ottoman period atthe elaborate multi-gabled roof Clock Tower with colourful mosaic windows. Our tour will take you down to “Ha-Tachana”, an old Ottoman train station and now a popular shopping area. In NeveZedek, the first Jewish neighbourhood outside the Jaffa walls with its picturesque pathways and cultural institutions, you can breathe in the bustling atmosphere of this vibrant Mediterranean city! And at the very heart of the city,one can find the milestones of Tel Aviv’s rich cultural life: the Habima theatre, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, the Tel Aviv Museum, and the Opera house.

Although secular life prevails here, synagogues in this Jewish city are reflective of great diversity and pluralism:  Yemenite Jews pray in “KeremHateimanim,”  the Libyan Synagogue in Old Jaffa; the Masorti community are to be found in “NeveShechter,” and the reform synagogue  is “Beit Daniel” or the imposing “Great Synagogue.” Let us offer you a unique experience exploring all of Tel Aviv’s exciting historical and contemporary sites!

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