Cordoba Excursions


The Golden Age of Sephardic Judaism in Spain


Cordoba is just one hour away from the Malaga and is easily reached by car. Our guide will meet you at the port and together with the driver will bring you to the city center of Cordoba.

Cordoba is the birthplace of one of the greatest Jewish thinkers of all time, the physician and philosopher Moses Maimonides (1135 - 1204). A life-size statue honors him in this city that was once the unparalleled center of Jewish intellectual life. An Iberian and Roman city in ancient times, during the Middle Ages it became the capital of an Islamic caliphate that was tolerant toward its Christian and Jewish minorities. Universities thrived and in the 10th century it is estimated that Cordoba was the most populous city in the world.

Aside for its world-renowned samples of splendid Moorish buildings dating from the Islamic era, Cordoba boasts a rich Jewish history. Its Sephardic community flourished.The intellectual preeminence in the Jewish Mediterranean world was undoubtedly in part the result of the achievements of HasdaiIbnShaprut (915-970). A doctor, diplomat and scholar, Hasdai served the courts of several Caliphs. The Cordoba Jewish community of Hasdai’s time, situated near the alcazar, (fortress) was wealthy and vibrant. With the re-conquering of the city by Christians and eventual intolerance, many families fled from Spain taking the key to their homes with them, which some still preserve to this day.They also took the medieval Judeo-Spanish dialect Ladino.

Our tour will take you to one of the three pre-expulsion synagogues remaining in Spain. Found in Cordoba, the Ancient Synagogue at Calle de los Judios 20, built in 1315, was declared a national monument in 1985. The statue of Maimonides is in the Plaza de Tiberiades, as a lasting reminder of his life and achievements. The entrance to the ancient Juderia is near the Almodovar Gate. We will also take you to the small Jewish museum – Casa de Sefarad Casa de la Memoria that contains items from local medieval Jewish homes and an exhibition on Sepharadic tradition.

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