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Berlin is the city, which you can easily reach either taking cruise on the Baltic sea or enjoying the river cruise holidays. Our guide, and if needed, driver will be waiting for your embark.

Berlin is one of the most exciting cities in Europe! Why? No other major European city has in the last few decades re-defined, re-created and re-built itself to such an extent as Berlin. Until 1989, the city was cut in half by a wall. The main historical Jewish sites were on the eastern side of the city, the part of Berlin that was behind the Iron Curtain.

With the fall of the Berlin Wall, the city has had to re-weave its two halves together; to accomplish this, world-renowned architects like Frank O. Gehry and I. M. Pei came and added their spectacular new designs to the changing landscape. This period of reconstruction produced a blossoming tourism industry, booming business development and a sophisticated art scene. However, perhaps the most significant change is that the once diminished Jewish Community of Berlin is becoming the fastest-growing Jewish community in Europe.

Once with the renaissance of Jewish life in Berlin, important historic sites such as the spectacular golden-domed New Synagogue have been renovated to their past grandeur. There has been construction of new Jewish landmarks and institutions of learning, such astheimpressive Jewish Museum designed by Daniel Libeskind, and revitalization of Jewish culture through events such as the annual international Jewish Film Festival. Jewish life in Berlin is even more prevalent than one might realize at a first glance: there is very often a Jewish perspective to be found at sites of general interest like the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate.

Judaism in Berlin throughout the centuries has gone through several Golden Ages: the 18th century welcomed the Jewish Enlightenment heralded by Moses Mendelssohn, the 19th century gave birth to Reform Judaism through the contributions of scholars like Abraham Geiger, and the early 20th century saw outstanding personalities such as Leo Baeck, Kurt Weill and Albert Einstein further increase the community’s prestige.

As well as paying tribute to these inspiring periods of Jewish heritage, Berlin is a city where the losses of the Holocaust are keenly felt and stringently remembered.

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, next to the Brandenburg Gate, and dozens of other smaller but equally moving memorials make sure that the Holocaust is never forgotten.

The Jewish world is slowly realizing that there is still Jewish life in Berlin. Despite the division, there was a post-war Jewish cultural identity in Berlin that formed the bedrock of today’s thriving community. In Berlin, conscious reconstruction goes hand-in-hand with celebrating the renaissance of the community in all its facets: two Jewish newspapers, a Jewish theater, Jewish educational institutions and nine synagogues; Jewish heritage is all here once again in Berlin.

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