Portugal Tours 2019

Dear Guests and Friends,

Milk & Honey Tours, your premier organizer of European Jewish Heritage Tours, invites you to Discover Jewish Portugal!

Experience Portugal's  Jewish culture and history during a week-long tour in October 2019

With stops in Lisbon, Tomar, Porto, and more, there are an abundance of places and histories to explore. This tour will allow you to visit numerous synagogues and other sites of Jewish interest, and to enjoy a special Shabbat evening with a local Jewish community.

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 Tour Lisbon's Seven Hills, explore the Jewish Quarter, discover a fascinating, rich past. Brutality and heroism, massacre and mercy.


Travel to Tomar, headquarter of the Knights of the Temple Order, and visit the city's century-old synagogue.


Experience the steadfast Jewish culture and tradition of Belmonte, where stone engravings on the thresholds of small houses bear witness to the Jews who survived the Inquisition n secrecy.


View the seven bridges Porto, encounter the UNESCO city center, and witness vestiges of the city's Jewish past...